It is the aim of Melba Lodge to promote the rights of service users as citizens and to
include the following principles and care values in its service delivery:

  • To provide care and support for people with enduring mental health problems and vulnerable adults with underlining mental health issues.
  • We will provide a consistently high quality of service, which will be based upon the policy of equality of access to all levels of care. These levels will be determined by the needs of the user.
  • The rights of service users as citizens will be promoted and upheld at all times.
  • The services we provide are designed to empower service users and enable them, as far as is possible, to participate in the local community and make use of its facilities and generic services.
  • Service users will be treated as individuals who have the right self-determine their aspirations, pathway of health care and left undisturbed should they so wish, free from intrusion or unwanted public involvement in their affairs.
  • Equality of service for each service user, using our best endeavours to care and support service users in validating their cultural values.
  • Promote honesty, compassion, dignity, independence, respect and safety in a clean, comfortable and homely environment.
  • We work closely with our partners and families.
  • We are activity focused.

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